Pacifico is a premium dispensary and health and wellness centre. We are committed to sourcing and providing the highest quality products for our customers through a diverse spectrum of local and globally-sourced premium cannabis.



Pacifico works to integrate mind, body, and soul for the highest level of wellness. Speak with one of our trained educators, book an appointment with a health professional, or attend a hot yoga class. Access historical information, notes, and wellness data using your unique member card. Pacifico promises to provide the best client experience possible.


At Pacifico, we believe in choice. Recent regulatory changes have empowered the public to seek a holistic alternative to traditional healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Pacifico caters to those who wish to take the natural pathway to healing, health, and wellness. 

Our dedicated team provides a wealth of product knowledge and experience to support your individual health needs. Each Pacifico location dispenses an assortment of products including premium lab-tested herbs, concentrates, edibles, and topical ointments to help you live and feel better.